Well here it is, many of you followed me on twitter & or the blog just to catch glimpses of the bouquet I would create for Casey. After gathering the flowers from five different sources and then a trip through my garden this is the bouquet that Casey carried down the aisle.  The bouquet was created with peach juliet roses, white ohara roses, coral charm peony, white fesitva maxima peony, pink parfait peony, white majolica spray roses, pink astillibe, scented geranium, white veronica, and viburnum berry. Lambs ear, nandina berry and honeysuckle vine were gathered from my garden to complete the bouquet. You may also notice a blush pink anemone in the bouquet, believe it or not, I used a silk flower. Casey really wanted to carry anemones, fearing they would be out of season, which indeed they were, we purchased the silk anemone when we were in NYC together.

A huge round of applause to photographer Julie Renee. Thank you for sharing your art with us so quickly and kindly, we love getting this little peek into Casey’s wedding. The bad news is that this wedding is just so yummy we will have to keep it under wraps for a while.

Thanks also to designer Debbie who delivered my precious cargo to Casey while I was on the Eastern Shore doing Sarah’s wedding. Brooches, ribbon, and adornment are added to the bridal bouquets just before they go out for delivery.  We had a bag of buttons and trim from Casey’s gown that we were to use to finish Casey’s bouquet. Debbie chose to pop one of those pretty vintage buttons right into the middle of a juliet rose and it was the perfect finishing touch!!!  Thank you one more time Julie Renee it was wonderful to be able to show this bouquet today. I cried when I finally got to see Casey Saturday night, and her reception absolutely had me swooning.  Seeing it through your lens allowed me to be there when Casey got her bouquet!!

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