We try to photograph most of our work. My husband Evan always wants to know why I keep taking pictures. I always explain to him that one element, one slight change in foliage, or in blooms, makes a big difference in the look of a a bouquet. This past weekend two or our brides chose to carry the peach juliet rose. It always amazes me how different a design can look just by switching a few of the elements. The bridal bouquet on the left was created with cream hydrangea, illsa spray roses, peach juliet roses, white peony, message roses and champagne roses. The bridal bouquet on the right was designed with white peony, peach juliet cabbage roses, free spirit roses, champagne roses, and silver accents of brunia and dusty miller.

The difference is indeed slight, but I love the subtle changes and the power of each bloom or foliage.

Here is one of my brides with her peach juliet rose bouquet.

This wedding had 8 maids in all and I happened to catch 7 of them for this fun picture. The girls carried bouquets of message roses, free spirit roses, orange unique roses, peach stock, illsa spray roses, and seeded euc.

Elevated centerpieces were created with peach calla lily, white hydrangea, free spirit roses, steel grass and hosta leaves.

Sweet little arrangements were created for these mugs from Anthropologie, and they also featured the peach juliet cabbage rose.

We simply loved designing this weekend with the peach juliet cabbage rose.


  • maureen Says: (06.20.2011 | 11:19)

    do you know where i can purchase cabbage roses for our daughters wedding in August in Monterey, California

  • Doris Stam Says: (05.12.2012 | 12:16)

    I think this is exactly what my daugher might want for her wedding bouquet. what are prices? how do you order?

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