My “in the cooler” posts normally suffer from the fact that I am the photographer. Well, tonight I got mighty lucky, and photographer Vicki Grafton stopped by for a quick visit and we happened to turn some of tomorrows bouquets into a mini photo shoot. Thankfully I have young hot daughters and some graduation or prom dresses hanging around. This first image is of my daughter Abby with a maids bouquet from our Sunday wedding.

This fabulous bouquet belongs to my bride Amanda. Thanks for letting us borrow your bridal bouquet Amanda, we loved getting these pictures of your awesome and amazing bouquet.

This lovely bouquet belongs to my Sat. bride Katie, and if my Sunday bride Katie is looking at this, don’t worry this is not your bouquet!!! Katie on Sat. is crimsons and pinks, Katie on Sunday is peach, creams, and oranges.  I don’t want to cause any panic.

Thank you Vicki for making my “in the cooler” post so freaking pretty, of course my hot daughters help!!

We have so many lovely things “in the cooler” this week, including at least 50 bouts and corsages for my daughters high school prom. Yep, we nailed it again. Thank you flower gods for getting us our lovelies this week.

  • melissa cohen Says: (06.05.2011 | 06:10)

    stunning, as usual. 🙂

  • Katie P. Says: (06.15.2011 | 07:20)

    Katie from Saturday, our flowers were absolutely gorgeous and we were thrilled with the results. Thank you!!!

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