On Wens. I had the pleasure of speaking for the Middleburg Garden Club. Getting to know the ladies of this prestigious club was quite the honor. I told a brief story about the history of Holly Heider Chapple Flowers and then I discussed technique and trends in the wedding market. I brought along some of my favorite spring time blooms and designed right in the living room.

Each meeting the members bring a design and it is judged, and ribbons are awarded. This is serious business and so much fun to watch.

One of the guests told me that the flowers had to be native to the region and I believe they were all cutting from their own personal gardens.

Individual specimens were also judged. There are very serious guidelines that must be followed or your piece can’t be critiqued.  These blossoms were all to be in bottles, the exact height of the blossom, the amount of greenery used, the quality of the bloom and it’s uniqueness all contributed to the color of the ribbon awarded.

I seriously considered poaching these daffodils, look at the amazing varieties. The peach one at the very top really should be in one of my bridal bouquets.

Perhaps the largest tulip I have ever seen.

I have to admit I was very nervous about speaking for the club. I am self taught and I do not know the rules of design. Instead of letting fear get the best of me, I decided to do, what I do best, I decided to “wing it” and that is what I have been doing for years. Apparently I earned an A+ from the garden club, because the ladies asked if I have ever considered a TV show.


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