Believe it or not, I cried over this bouquet!! Last April I created this amazing bouquet for my bride, Laurie. It’s hard to believe it has been almost a year since her wedding. It was the weekend of the Leesburg Flower and Garden Show and before I hit the show, I went into the garden to get my white lilac. Perhaps it was the sheer beauty of what I was creating, or the symbolism of making a bridal bouquet with my precious white lilac that had me in tears. I am not quite sure what pushed me over the edge, but I was indeed crying. I planted that lilac almost 18 years ago. I found my true love for flower design over the lilacs and the Leesburg Garden Show. The bouquet was also featured in Get Married Magazine last year.

The bouquet was created of white lilac (from my garden), sahara roses, white mini calla lily, white peony, and white stephanotis. Laurie brought me tiny crystals to insert into the bouquet and extra beading from her gown, which I used to wrap the stems.

We designed altar pieces with white callas, and white flowering branches.

The reception was held at my Whitehall, yes secretly in my dreams I am the owner of Whitehall.

This wedding also introduced me to the amazing talents of photographer Katelyn James. I just adore this fabulous artist, not only for her talent, but for her spirit, and her commitment.

A big huge shout out to Laurie, who made her own centerpieces. Stunning!!!

This Loudoun wedding was a beauty!!


  • Susan Wenger Says: (03.31.2011 | 11:37)

    I love Whitehall Manor – I’ve been lucky enough to be the florist at several weddings there – one of my favorite venues!

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