On May 7th of last year Ashley and Nathan married at Whitehall Manor in Loudoun County.  The day was totally blessed with not only a lovely couple but a host of amazing vendors. Lisa Schulz of the Posh Planner did the styling and planning, Bob Updegrove was the photographer, Whitehall Manor provided the catering and the surrounding beauty and I, Holly Heider Chapple, provided the flowers.

The bride carried an all hot pink bouquet of peony, roses, ranunculus, spray roses, and orchids. The accent color of the day was black so we added black florets and black feathers to the design.

The aisle was lined with hot pink petals and hot pink pomander's.

Centerpieces were hot pink carnation balls elevated on glass pilsner vases.

I love this picture of the very tired flower girl…

but the ring bearer is wide awake.

This was a happy and wonderful wedding to work on.



  • Morgan Walker Says: (03.29.2011 | 08:45)

    Very Cute!! I went to school with Nathan. A belated congrats to the beautiful couple!!!!!!

  • Anza Del Amo Says: (04.01.2011 | 08:23)

    All the hot pink floral in the wedding are fantastic and bride floral bouquet so beautiful with plenty of flower.

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