Here we go again!!! This weekend is the start of our wedding season. We have weddings booked from here on out, and we are mighty happy about that. We were able to ease back into the pace; nice and slowly this weekend, with one lovely wedding. Our bridal bouquet was created with deep purple callas, deep purple carnations, and freeze dried purple roses. Little faux diamonds were inserted into the roses. 

Maids will carry bouquets of white carnations. Silver wire was woven through the bouquets for an extra fun twist. The maid of honor and the mothers will carry mixed bouquets.

Huge balls of purple carnations will be elevated on my silver stands.

l The low centerpieces feature groupings of 3 julep cups designed with balls of dark purple carnations. Everything is done and waiting "in the cooler."

So here we go again, another season is starting, and I feel confident that it will be as good as all of the years in the past. 

On a personal note, congratulations to my amazing daughter, Hannah, who just got her acceptance letter to JMU, go Dukes! This year I will be working for 2 tuitions to JMU. I hope the Flower Gods continue to shine down on this flower shop/ home.



  • Danielle DeWitt Says: (03.25.2011 | 10:02)

    Absolutely breathtaking!!!

  • Mimi Says: (03.25.2011 | 10:30)

    Love the colors you’ve selected. Freeze-dried roses? Haven’t worked with those yet.

  • BloomDiva @ panacea event floral design Says: (03.25.2011 | 10:30)

    Really stunning Holly! Cheers to the best season ever.

  • YUKOsFLOWER Says: (03.25.2011 | 11:16)

    What cool colors these are! Love them!! I’ve come to your blog from twitter. I’m looking forward to your updating from now on.

  • Lauren @ ELD Says: (03.26.2011 | 09:27)

    Wow, the freeze dried roses- I didn’t know such a thing existed, but they’re gorgeous!!! Cannot WAIT to see what you do this season! 🙂

  • botanical brouhaha Says: (03.29.2011 | 01:41)

    Oh heavens! That is an awesome bridal bouquet! Hugs…

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  • Tracey Says: (06.22.2011 | 09:10)

    I can’t even begin to say how much of an amazing job you did for my client’s wedding! Thank you again, I enjoyed working with you! P.S. I have some pictures to send you.


  • Matthew Oliver | Aubergines and Black Grapes Says: (02.07.2013 | 06:18)

    […] The Full Bouquet […]

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