After a fabulous lunch designers were told about the goods hidden behind the secret curtain. David had set up a whole supply room full of props, linens, china, chairs, and vessels, all of these elements had been hidden behind the curtain during our first lecture and our first design class.

Designers were paired into teams of two and each team went about creating a table design for their chosen celebrity.

The Whoopi Goldberg table was created by Trish Van de Merkt and Isha Foss.

Our very Southern inspired table was created for Shirley McClaine. This was designed by Samantha Greenfield and Alicia Broehl.

The Dr. Seuss table was created by Luara Williams and Liz Rusnac.

Frank Sinatra was executed by Jennifer Ederer and freelancer Robin Buop.

Sean Connery by Janice Wong and Alexandra Jusino

Martha Washington designed by Yasmin D’ Souza and freelancer Kristin Thompson.

Inspired by the royal wedding of Kate and William, flowers were designed by Katie Elfers and Courtenay Lambert. 

After our fun design time we went back into the offices and listened to David’s presentation from Engaged 10. We even meditated, yes we meditated, being still is really hard for me, and I even got caught opening my eyes by David.

The day ended with bubbly, and a surpise visit from Ed Libby.

The full class of Chapel Designers.

Luckily for us we were racing from our class to a cocktail party at the Ace Hotel. Amazing entertainment was provided by the Elan Artisits.

Our final day was all about Martha  and that will be our last post about our NYC trip.



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