The NYC Flower market offered us many treasures beyond the blooms. We found endless supplies and props for this years events.  We even found some fun home decor items for my booth at On A Whim Antiques.

Our shopping list was seriously long, sorta like my kids Christmas list, endless…

Like a kid in a candy shop!!

Even these silk flowers caught our eye, so we gathered some up for a very special bridal bouquet. Miss Casey is dying for anemone and they just happen to be out of season on the day she is getting married.

Today we received via Fed- Ex, boxes and boxes of treasures we gathered in NYC. My brides and grooms will love the many things we found at the market. Next stop, the offices of David Beahm and a little design time…

Photography by Vicki Grafton of My Simple Details


  • Lauren Says: (01.06.2012 | 05:13)

    I adore the flower market! So many fun and beautiful things there. Love the pictures you captured!

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