Happy holidays everyone!! As you might imagine we are very busy here. We are preparing for the arrival of Santa, we are baking cookies, we still have shopping to do, it's almost my birthday, and we have two weddings next week.

I am going to take the next few days off  to hang with the kids. As you can imagine they are all very excited about Christmas and I am looking forward to spending time with them. Our home and some of our holiday floral designs were featured today on the Elizabeth Anne Designs blog. I hope you stop by and check out some of our holiday decor, we actually have 2 posts on her lovely blog so scroll on down. We have lots of exciting things to share with you over the next few weeks!

I hope you are surrounded by the people you love!!

  • cartier trinity ring Says: (12.30.2010 | 02:01)

    the arrangement is so good,it is romantic to have the feast.

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