Several weeks ago I went to Richmond to visit my friend Janie Medley. Many of you know Janie as the editor of The Brides Cafe, but she is also an amazing floral designer. Janie was working on a table design for Kathryn of Snippet & Ink and she asked if I would like to be involved. Janie chose the fabulous color palett of turquoise and red. Since I did not have any holiday decor in turquoise, I got to go do a little shopping before I headed to Richmond.

The first blooms we arranged with were Janie's ranunculus and they were absolutely perfect. I loved seeing her amazing flowers.

I brought the red peony, red cabbage roses, and some red anemone. I have to admit though, I liked Janie's amemones best.

On my shopping trip I bought lots and lots of turquoise ornaments and we put them to good use.

I also bought these small turquoise candle holders.

Janie even had a pretty little cake. All of this was photographed by the wonderful Katelyn James. Katelyn is awesome and I have been dying to meet her in person. Katelyn shot one of my weddings last Spring, but somehow I missed meeting her. We have had several fun phone chats so being with her was an extra gift of the day. I am so glad I made the trip to Richmond. Plus I even got to use the ornaments here in my little office.

Happy Monday!!

  • Jamie Says: (12.20.2010 | 11:19)

    Beautiful job, Holly + Janie! I love the colors!

  • Katelynjames Says: (12.22.2010 | 08:49)

    Thank you Holly!!! I was SO excited to meet YOU! … and I want to meet your wonderful kids one day!! xoxo

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