Should I cry, or should I scream with delight? I want to, but instead I am jumping up and down with glee.  In early September I designed, managed, and provided flowers for an amazing wedding. That wedding was just featured in the new issue of Washingtonian Bride & Groom.
  The family was truly heaven sent. They exuded complete and total faith in me, giving me courage and wings. The family initially just wanted me to help with referrals and design ideas. A dear friend of the family would be acting as the day of coordinator, and they were certain they did not need a professional on board to handle the event. As we moved through the process it became very clear that even though we had someone executing the day of, we certainly needed someone managing  the event. The coordination of vendors, rentals, and all of the little questions that became big, huge daunting tasks as we got closer to the event fell on my shoulders. Was I scared? Yes, very much so, but I just have this thing about jumping in and being certain that I will not let someone down. The more I loved the family, the more I knew I could nail this event. I helped the family choose almost all of the vendors, and we chose all of the rentals together, I managed lighting, placement of portable restrooms, and even floating arrangements in the pool. My amazing husband, Evan, came on board with me because he is an awesome project manager. He also helped to assure that there was enough power in the tent, and he even pin spotted the lights the day of the wedding. This all of course was infinitely easier because we had an amazing group of vendors involved. Many thanks to Douglas Armstrong of Celebrations Catering, who taught me so much about glassware, napkins, chafing dishes, and staffing. Perkins Lighting, who provided the lighting on a holiday weekend in spite of the fact that they were totally booked, and for allowing my husband to set the lights the day of the event. Genevieve Leiper, for always capturing my art and my brides so incredibly perfectly. Christina from paperzest, who went above and beyond creating extra little details that I dreamed of. Jason from Market Salamander, who created a truly unique cake, and the amazing Peggy Rust of Murray HIll, who shared here gracious home and her Southern Hospitality. This day, this wedding, this family was truly blessed.

Our ceremony site was the only glitch of the day. Due to wind, our beautiful vintage tablecloth and our simple and understated flower arrangement kept blowing over the cliff. The cereomony took place on a ledge, literally overlooking the Potomac River. A potential hurricane actually blew right past our wedding that weekend, so we were happy with the breeze and no rain. We placed this big floral piece in front of the table because it was the only piece heavy enough not to blow over the cliff. The wind died down just enough before the ceremony that communion was actually placed on the table and stayed put.

A huge old farm wagon was used to display the seating chart. My bride Mackenzie and her amazing mom spent hours gathering and creating this design. It was our job to set up the windows, mirrors, and pictures frames, in a way that was safe, pretty, and functional. This area took several people working to create.

I am so proud of our designs, everything was picture perfect.

The tent was a huge 'L' shape that wrapped around an extraordinary swimming pool. One long table seated the family and wedding party. 17 round guest tables surrounded the king sized family table. Natural-toned  linens were used, with amethyst goblets. The tables also featured white battenburg lace runners. Fruitwood  chairs were rented for the ceremony and the reception. 

Centerpieces were designed in wooden boxes made by Mackenzie's grandfather. We also used vintage scales, crocks, and compotes. Those scales are now on display in my office.

Herbs and little blossoms adorned each and every napkin.

The tent was designed with a lounge area. This space was also designed to be the back up ceremony site if  the weather became an issue.  I am convinced it is because we had this space that the hurricane blew by…

The lounge area held the candy bar, the cake, and this really cute popcorn stand. All popocorn was compliments of my dad at Heiders Country Store.

All antiques were gathered from On A Whim antiques!!! I loved this old scoop that was used for the popcorn and I loved the hand stamped bags Christina from Paperzest made to hold the popcorn.

The designs created for the pool became a must, after a late-night silly chat with a floral designer friend named Tracy from Park Place Designs in Michigan.  Tracy saw a picture of the pool on twitter and she got me inspired to create these floating florals. The designs were a surprise gift to my bride and her family.

I even rented wine barrels from Fabbioli wine in Lucketts.  The wine barrels were used to hold custom made table tops for the candy bar and the cake. The table tops were created for the bride and groom and became presents for them to use in their new home.

Murray Hill is loaded with many fabulous hidden little gardens and scenic views. Photographer Genevieve Leiper did such an incredible job capturing the day. It was such a pleasure to work on this wedding with this family. So many of the fabulous ideas and designs were inspired by my incredible bride and her wonderful mother. Getting close to both of these women was one of the highlights of my year. I truly feel honored to have been the one chosen to help with this event.

It is with a full and happy heart that I say, "Happy married life Adam and Mackenzie," I am so honored I got to do the flowers for your wedding.

P.S.- Many Thanks to Washingtonian Magazine, for adding me to your "Best of 2010" list, and making me your editors pick! I strive every year to be part of such an amazing magazine.


  • melissa Says: (12.17.2010 | 10:56)

    CONGRATULATIONS! You are truly the best around. Will you send me your address ASAP pretty please my dearest? Thank you!

  • Tram Says: (12.19.2010 | 11:10)

    WOW, everything little detail was so perfect and amazing. You are truly super talented.

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