Several weeks ago we were providing flowers for 7 weddings. It was our biggest weekend ever, and in order to create more space in the flower shop my office was hap haphazardly thrown into what our family called the red room. The red room was a little sitting area off of our flower shop. Because this was only 6 weeks ago the above photo is about the only picture I have of my make-shift office before the make over. This was the weekend Elodie came to visit us from France. I hated, yep I said it, hated being moved into the red room and I hated my new office. The red room was our families little room, and it did not feel like it belonged to me. The girls at On A Whim assured me they could create a space that would make me happy, proud, and comfortable. One huge hope was that when the new office was designed I would be able to do consults in this space instead of in our huge family room.

First they suggested painting the red room, a vintage blue. While I did client consults on Monday, the wonderful Peter and Myriam, painted the red room blue. On Tuesday I went to CNU for a college tour with my daughter Hannah. Yes, we have another child preparing for college.

When I returned home on Tuesday night the painting was finished and Donna and Mary Alice from On A Whim were already here getting started with their own kind of magic. I have had many blessings in my life, and my relationship with the ladies at On A Whim is certainly one them.

Every single piece was hand picked by the incredible duo from On A Whim and I feel so honored that they took the time to help me create a new work environment for my continuously growing, and changing business. Every time I come through the doors of On A Whim I want to move in. So to have a room in my house that I love, represent my life at the antique store, as well as my flower shop, it is a true treasure.

Here is my daughter Hannah at the new consultation table.

This hutch is the corner of the room and holds my precious McCoy collection, antique frogs, mason jars, and gifts from my clients. Baskets hold my trade material but all of the containers are vintage unique finds.

Everywhere I look I see things that I have so lovingly used at my weddings. I must have done at least 15 weddings with my antique blue mason jars. I see different things in the room and it immediately takes me back to each bride and the pleasure we all felt the day of the wedding. I found almost all of the antiques I used this year at On A Whim, so this is doubly cool.

I adore the blue chairs that are for my consultation table.

My new work desk is so beautiful, I love the old barn wood and the sexy legs.

and I totally adore my window treatment. Mary Alice found an old architectural piece to hang above the window and I am so happy about this piece.

I also have this sweet little picture of me and my mom at a horse show, I think I was 5 in this picture.

A beautiful old screen door was used to soften the transition from office to our sitting area in the kitchen.

This awesome cabinet was purchased for the files, we are getting sweet little baskets so that it is pretty when you look through the glass.

So now Kelly and Casey have an awesome place to work.

In addition to the office,  we also painted the little piano room. It needed to be painted because it was a little red room, and it was attached to the new blue office. Don't you love how one clean up project effects the whole house. We also used the piano room as a place to hang all of my black and white photos that used to be in the old red sitting room.

Since we were on a roll we got the big room cleaned up as well.

Many thanks to Debbie, Casey, Myriam, Peter, and Albert for redoing the whole house. This was a huge project and certainly above and beyond the call of duty, but it is so exhilarating to have a clean home and fresh work space. We are now back in the flower shop! We have two weddings this week and we are preparing for the holidays as well. My college babies all come home this weekend so I am totally happy.

THANK YOU, Donna and Mary Alice and the whole Holly Chapple Flowers team for helping me download the past, and prepare for the future. I am so totally blessed and as I move forward taking care of my brides I am so comforted by the family, friends, and HCF team that supports me. It will be such a pleasure to work in this space surrounded by the people and things I LOVE!!


  • christina Says: (11.18.2010 | 05:20)

    can’t wait to see it in person, holly! it looks fabulous!!!

  • melissa Says: (11.18.2010 | 09:56)

    I love it so much! gosh, your house is a dream!

  • Jackie Smith Says: (11.22.2010 | 03:50)

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  • Elodie Says: (11.24.2010 | 08:30)

    Hi Holly, woahhh, such a change in your office. Bright and peaceful, I’m sure you enjoy working there. Really lovely.
    I wish you a happy thanksgiving, you must be very glad to be surrounded by all your family now!
    warmest thoughts to everyone.

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