Last night was the grand opening of the new ballroom at the Hyatt Dulles. We were asked to create a table that represented the Earth and its bounties.  Most often our designs are made prior to the event, but in this circumstance the piece I envisioned was so large that I would need to make it on the job. For an installation like this we start with a really big mess in the hall of the venue. I often wonder how the hotels can stand to have us creating things on site.

This is the beginning stage of my creation. I imagined willow and corn fodder as a the structure for my design. Just in case you are wondering, corn fodder is another name for corn stalks, leaves and all.  Not a pretty picture of me, but that's what its like when you are reaching, tucking, and building.

Elodie and Kelly came along for this installation, at this point there is always a lot of contemplation. Is the deisgn sturdy, is it straight, is it going to work?

After agreeing that we had a great foundation, we secured the structure with wire to the willow.  The willow  was our main support, and it had been driven into the foam in the center of the design.

We wove corn, grasses, bittersweet vine, asclepias monkey balls, Don's always amazing dahlias, red peppers, persimmon branches, seeded euc, and fall foliage's through the base of the corn and willow.

Whoops, we also used wheat, dates, and amaranthus as well.

Small pumpkins were carved and used as vases for mini arrangements.

I was totally thrilled with the final creation. I have to admit designing a table that represents the Earth was fairly easy for me. I am completely aware of, and grateful for, the many creations nature gives me to design with. This was totally fun.

Many Thanks to event planners Laura Ritchie and Megan Pollard, of Events In The City for bringing me in on this event. Thanks also to DC Rental they supplied so many of the beautiful decor items throughout the evening, including the amazing table I got to design on.

Fun night, great venue, great people. AWESOME!!!

  • Laura Ashbrook Says: (10.22.2010 | 03:43)

    Holly! You are amazing.

  • Jackie Smith Says: (10.22.2010 | 05:15)

    Jackie Smith

  • Ashley Kirk Says: (10.26.2010 | 11:53)

    HOLLY! I love it! You have inspired me again! 🙂

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