This was a typical Friday night for me, until I got the call that my sister was about to deliver her second child. I have four sisters, two sets of twins. This baby coming is likely to be the last of 15 grandchildren for my parents.  I quickly put my bridal bouquet "in the cooler" and headed to the hospital. I arrived just moments after Clayton Heider Van Pelt was born. My new nephew is adorable, healthy, and a sweet little miracle.




Abby made it home from  JMU for the weekend, so we girls had a blast checking out our new baby.


This is my daughter Hannah with new baby Clay.

We also of course have a busy wedding weekend ahead of us. Our designs range from very traditional to very organic in nature. Here is a quick trip through the cooler and then Auntie Holly is off to bed.






Check out these amazing orchid dahlias from the one and only Don.




What a great day!


  • greatflowerlady Says: (09.17.2010 | 11:26)

    You all look just a like.. I see so much family resemblance..congrats

  • Heavenly Blooms Says: (09.24.2010 | 03:31)

    Congrats Auntie Holly!!
    And oh my goodness, you have such beautiful, strong women in your life. You all look alike!!!

  • melissa Says: (09.24.2010 | 04:25)

    Congrats! You have the sweetest family around!!

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