I have to do my "in the cooler post" early this week, one more thing in the cooler and she is going to explode. We have a very wonderful and exciting weekend ahead of us, as you can see we have several different color themes happening and each piece, and each wedding, is simply beautiful. 


Every single nook and cranny is full of flowers. Each of these tables is holding several designs and then under the table we have centerpieces stored on the floor. You literally can't walk inside, the walk in cooler. Each morning we have to pull out buckets and designs so that we can get to things we need. It is unbelievable.

The yellow and blue designs are headed to Maryland and they are stunning.

These bouquets are going to Whitehall!

These pieces are going to the Belmont Country Club. They  are in the sitting room because they simply could not fit in the cooler.

These are the amazing centerpieces for a very special wedding that we will tell you all about on Monday.

Everywhere we turn we have props, plants, antiques, and good stuff.  A big shout out to On A Whim Antiques for supplying endless inspiration for our big events. I literally have two van loads full of furniture and cool items to take to our weddings this weekend. I love you, On A Whim. Thank you to every vendor that helped me pick out the perfect "finishing touches" for my events. A special thanks, to Donna, and Mary Alice, who for some reason put up with my creative bursts through the antique store, and the patience they find for me.

Wish us luck, and safe travels, as we journey out this weekend. I hope you all have a great holiday, all of us at Holly Heider Chapple Flowers will be working.




  • Laurie (Fleurie-flowers by L Garza) Says: (09.03.2010 | 11:39)

    Love all your props, their uniqueness really adds to the overall look.

  • Joe Guggia AIFD Says: (09.10.2010 | 08:15)

    Exceptional beauty is created. It’s just great that we get to touch client’s lives everyday with beauty. Now that’s making a difference in the world!

  • Hayle Says: (07.02.2011 | 06:20)

    Super inomfrative writing; keep it up.

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