I really wish I was a professional photographer, because when I walked in the room and saw Tram in her wedding gown I would have given anything just to get one good photo.  I almost fell over when I saw how incredibly beautiful my bride looked, and her dress was completely amazing. Thank goodness photographer Kate Triano was there to capture the day!


Here is a picture of Kate at work, she is the pretty lady hiding behind the lens.  I love seeing the maids gather around Tram while they adorn her with the finishing touches.



The bridal bouquet was created with yellow calla lily, yellow billy balls, cream stock, white freesia, green cymbidium orchids, and pale yellow roses.  Pretty stunning right?



Maids bouquets were monochromatic yellow, but we inserted a tiny silver thread through the designs. The bouquets would be carried by maids wearing platinum dresses. The bouquets were created with yellow gerber daisies, yellow football mums, yellow roses, yellow billy balls, bupleurum and gardenia leaves.


The wedding took place at the Westfields Marriott in Chantilly, Virginia. We used several of the centerpieces to decorate the ceremony site.


Clusters of flowers were attached to the first rows indicating these were reserved for family.



Our centerpieces were a mix of all of the flowers of the day, but pops of bright green were added into these designs.





Tram was absolutely wonderful to work with. She has been a very supportive bride and a true fan of Holly Heider Chapple Flowers. I am proud to say I did the flowers for this wonderful wedding. Happy married life!!


  • Tram Says: (08.30.2010 | 11:05)

    Holly, I’m speechless. I first found out about you through Kate Triano’s blog and totally fell in love with your work. I told Tiko that we HAD to get you as our florist. After meeting with you the first time, I knew it was meant to be. I have to tell you that you are nothing short of AMAZING! I’ve loved working with you! You are so talented, honest, and sweet. The night of the wedding, after everything was over, Tiko and I were laying in bed and he asked me, “What was your favorite part of the wedding?” And I answered, without even thinking for one second, “The flowers.” I’ll say it again, YOU ARE AMAZING! Thank you for gracing our wedding with such beautiful flowers. I love you!

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