This week we worked on two weddings that feature the color yellow. Chartreuse green and accents of silver were added to one of the yellow weddings and that was the significant difference between the two looks. Our 3rd wedding of the weekend moves towards the fall colors. My weddings this week are all very special to me and I love my brides. Whoops, we actually provided flowers for four weddings; a woman I have known for years married today, and we were honored to make her bridal bouquet as well. Happy wedding day to Jennifer!






We are loving this new rose that was just developed; I believe my wholesalers were calling her Savannah. I have to admit I missed a lot of the chatter this week in the flower shop. I spent the majority of my week begging for my phone service to be restored. If you tried to reach me,  you know what I mean. Lucky me, they restored my phone today, but guess what; now they have given me the wrong phone number. The epic drama continues. Perhaps at some point the phone company thats name begins with a 'V' is going to figure out a way to give me phone, internet, and cable TV.


I am off to bed, I am trying to carve out enough time to get to the Lucketts Fair, which happens to be this weekend. I am looking for props for several of my weddings and I just know I can find everything I need right here in little old Lucketts.


  • Tram Says: (08.27.2010 | 10:29)

    I have to admit, I cheated and took a little peak. 🙂 I love them and can’t wait to see how everything comes together tomorrow. YOU’RE AMAZINGGG, HOLLY!

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