This weekend we started looking for wedding venues for Alex and Mallary. I swear, I did not ask them to pose for this picture!!!  Alex is my oldest son and this is his amazing Mallary. They know they want to marry in Loudoun and they believe they want to marry in a barn.  

As we start the process these are the things we are trying to understand or consider:

Does the venue have a rain plan?

Do you have to rent a tent?

Do you have to rent tables and chairs or does the venue offer these rentals? 

Does the venue allow you to choose your caterer or do they provide in house catering and which way will be the most cost effective?

Does the venue have a place for the bride to get ready?

Believing I know all of the venues in Loudoun, I took the kids to several of my favorites. Luckily for us we also found two sweet little gems and I will share those with you later today. For now, I have to get moving, I am off to Baltimore for a consult. 

Have a great day!!!

  • Susan Wenger Says: (08.02.2010 | 12:35)

    Was that photo taken at the Bluemont Winery? I’ve done two weddings there this summer and I love the venue and the view!

  • Kristin Says: (08.02.2010 | 06:36)

    I may be biased, but I think the Birkby House is the best! 🙂

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