I had a blast working with my bride Melissa and I freaking loved her, she was so ridiculously wonderful to design for. Creating her flowers was so much fun and a will admit even a little frightening.  When someone gives you creative freedom to design you always wonder while you are creating "will she love this".  When you create by exact specification and you stay inside the lines there is very little chance of disappointing someone. When the designer and the bride take a leap of faith it is very exciting and exhilarating…  


Melissa's bouquet was created of crimson colored peony, yellow billy balls, blue viburnum berry, hot pink celosia, creme de la creme roses, yellow yarrow, yellow spray roses, succulents from our gardens, blue thistle, spray roses,dusty miller, and a collar of sea star fern. Pow, boom, bang, this bouquet was absolutely scrumptious. 


The happy couple.




Love those J. Crew dresses!!!!



Thanks to Anne and Joe Sachs of Artful Weddings Photography, these images are so much fun, and they capture the true spirit of this couple.










Melissa thank you for allowing me to do the flowers for your wedding. These colors, these flowers, were just like you, vibrant, happy, special and unique. I just loved you!!!!


  • Vicki Says: (07.09.2010 | 04:37)

    Love the bouquet Holly. Such a great color mix. Scrumptious!

  • Trish Says: (07.09.2010 | 07:05)

    I LOVE this bouquet, scrumptious indeed! I loved it in the photos where she is holding it then to see the bridesmaids with that particular shade of green dress, fabtastic!!!

  • Wedding Photography Says: (07.10.2010 | 11:26)

    Beautiful bouquet and flower arrangments. They go very well with the bridesmaids dresses.

  • Melissa Cohen Says: (07.11.2010 | 11:49)

    oh my goodness- holly you are seriously the best! You’re giving me a big head with the compliments! You made me the happiest bride EVER. You are amazing and I love you!!! Hope you have a fantastic vacation- you certainly deserve it!!!!!!!!!

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