Our " in the cooler" post tonight is also about the happy return of our oldest son Alex. Alex has been in Lithuania on an internship with the state dept. The whole house has been a buzz the last few days in anticipation of Alex's arrival. We are packing in the work and fun this weekend, with 3 weddings, a preschool pool party, the arrival of Alex, and prom for both of the girls. Plus we have been busy making shortcake for the strawberry festival in Lucketts. If you have a craving for fresh strawberries, ice cream, and homemade shortcake come to Christ Church in Lucketts. The strawberry festival is an annual favorite. Christ Church is located on 15 North just before you hit the village of Lucketts about 8 miles outside of  Leesburg.


Here are some of this weeks awesome designs. Thanks to all of the flower shop girls who worked so diligently on this weeks weddings and events.











I love this photograph of the many boutonnieres and corsages that we are designing for prom. My daughters friends are all getting their flowers from me. Adding this to the agenda was just one more crazy thing I took on this week. We also provided flowers for a Happy Birthday event and we are working on flowers for a hospital grand opening. 

No surprise, Alex arrived home to find things just as crazy as they were when he left. I am so glad to have all of the kids home. We have 2 and half short months together and this very possibly may be our last summer with all of the kids under this roof. Not gonna cry…

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