A very important leader in the wedding industry asked me "who are your brides Holly."   What he wanted to know was, who do I service, who do I gear my business towards. Honestly, when he asked me that question I just wanted to laugh. Hundreds of girls faces flashed before my eyes. My brides are my girls, mine. I love them, and I promise them awesome flowers and then I deliver.  My brides stick with me through thick and thin, through sickness and in health, through good times and bad, and they know I will love them forever.   This picture is from last Friday. This is my bride Ashley, with her maids, Christina and Ali. Christina was my bride last June and Ali will be my bride in October.  I am always blown away by how loyal my brides are  and just how much they love me and this crazy family. It just goes to show love is patient, love is kind, because my brides really do put up with a lot of mischief.  Just yesterday I was in a consult when our new puppy Sadie (miss deer patrol) flew through the house with a plastic baggie of graham crackers in her mouth. Realizing that the plastic was going to go down with the crackers,  I had to catch Sadie in the middle of the interview. Next thing I know my bride, MOB (mother of the bride) and the soon to be groom are in a showdown with me and Sadie. As I looked acroos the room at my bride and her family all crouched and ready to capture Sadie, I was thinking this moment is for the books. I have been told time and time again this place could be a reality show, after yesterdays fiasco with Sadie, I have no doubt. It blows my mind that people can come here, feel comfortable, and put up with the many kids and the total nonsense that is always going on.  I am not the best at email or even voice mail but when it comes to creating your wedding flowers everything just pours right out of my heart and soul and magic is created every weekend, for every bride, plus we offer free entertainment.  My brides are killer, my brides rock, and my brides are the very best.




 Ashley married this past Friday night at Whitehall Manor. This wedding was super sexy and completely unique. Many of you know I simply love Whitehall, so it was an extra pleasure to be working on this event. 


Event planner Lisa Schulz of the Posh Planner was a part of this great wedding. Lisa was responsible for overseeing the event, styling the look of the evening, and flower girl roundup. I love working with Lisa because she is a total team player. Lisa is super sweet, super pretty, and she is a super hard worker.


This bridal bouquet was created with hot pink peonies, hot pink roses, hot pink orchids, hot pink ranunculus, and black feathers. We added specialty bling that I purchased in SFO. This bouquet was truly HOT.


Our amazing carnation balls were elevated on glass pilsner vases for half of the tables.  We created clusters of carnations, peonies, and roses, for the other tables. We tied each vase with a black ribbon and added a diamond bead to the design. These pieces were so bright and fun with this linen.




U gotta love these hot pink shoes.


Flower girl in the making.



Happy married life Ashley, and thank you for being one of my brides.


  • Lara Says: (05.12.2010 | 04:59)

    aww i love seeing lisa in the blog 🙂 such a pretty wedding. look at all of that PINK!

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