We love bringing you the winners of the "blessing bouquet",  I hope you enjoy this remarkable story. I met the Neri's several years ago when I did the flowers for Ann's wedding. I was surprised to hear of the struggles Mrs. Neri has been through recently, but I was also over joyed to know that through determination and hard work she has found blessings along the way. It gave us great pleasure to award Mrs. Neri with the "blessings bouquet".



I am writing to enter my mom into your Blessings Bouquet contest.  This past year has proven to be very difficult for her and for our entire family.  My mother had some severe sciatic nerve issues with her back.  She needed to have surgery in order to relieve the pain last December.  When she went to the doctor, they found that she had many other issues to include high blood pressure and an under active thyroid.  In the process of waiting for those things to be regulated with medication, she suffered a very rare syndrome entitled cauda equine syndrome.  This is when the bulging disc in the back ruptures and causes massive nerve damage.  We rushed her to the hospital for emergency surgery, thinking that she would be relieved of all pain once she “walked out” of an hour procedure. An hour turned into 3 hours and resulted in major complications which included being sent to ICU with a breathing tube.   


Since the beginning of November, my mom has gone through life’s greatest challenges.  Upon leaving ICU she was told that her nerve damage may be permanent, and she was unable to do anything for herself without assistance.  This was a large hurdle for her since she is the type of woman that has never relied on anyone to help her.  We are so happy to report that with just a few months and with prayer and positive thinking, my mother is a totally changed person.  You see Holly, my mother is a giver.  She would give the shirt off of her back for anyone and I believe she is an angel in disguise.  Like many, she lost herself in the hustle and bustle of a high profile job and put herself last.  This experience, although emotionally and physically daunting on her has given her a second chance at life.  She has lost over 30 pounds and is back into working out and taking care of herself.  She knows her limits with work; she is full of positive energy and is truly refreshing to be around.  Although she still has not regained all of her nerve endings, she continues to work hard with physical therapy to regain what she can.  She is now walking without a cane and is so proud of the great strides she has made.


Although this was one of the hardest things we have had to witness and help her through, it truly was a blessing and it made our family even that much stronger.  My sister and I have our old mom back and my dad has his old wife back.  It is truly apparent when you look in her bright blue caring eyes that she is blessed to have herself back.  My mom continues to have daily struggles, but she is determined to lead a thankful life.  I appreciate your consideration her for this wonderful gift.  I know it would bring a lot of joy to her and to our entire family.  She really deserves it.




Ann Neri



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