"In the cooler" has truly become a fun little part of our Fridays. We keep coming up with crazy ways to play with this weekly blog post. Here is a super cute photo of our bride Kristin (she is the one in the middle), coming "out of the cooler" with her maids. Kristin stopped by to give us a few last minute items, but I am starting to wonder if girls are coming by because they want to get "in the cooler" that, or they want a little sneak peak.




This picture shows the way we mark the blooms in the cooler, so that we all know that they are "hands off". We have 150 roses set aside for shredding, sinful I know.  We also have almost 150 green spiders marked and saved for the napkins at Kristins wedding. Things mysteriously disappear "in the cooler"  if we dont mark them as used, when that happens we start having major panic attacks.


Our day started with a trip to the vet, a funeral delivery, a sample, and a tea party at preschool. That all happened before 10:30 am.  We also had an awesome wedding today, our hot pink and black wedding for the Blake family and we also got the flowers ready for our wedding at the Red Fox Inn.  I have one more huge proposal to write and then I can call it a very long day.

Here are few sneak peaks of Ashley's wedding flowers in the cooler.





Here are our designs for a private school in Maryland.


We also had a fun visit with our new bride Nicole, I look forward to creating her very special bouquets. We went full throttle as usual, so I am looking forward to relaxing on mothers day.

Whoops, I almost forgot to tell you about "in the cooler in Michigan" My friend Tracy Park has joined us with her very own "in the cooler". Pretty cool, or is it cooler.

  • Jaclyne - Heavenly Blooms Says: (05.08.2010 | 12:25)

    I LOVE your posts Holly, when we find time in our busy schedules we should chat on the phone. I think you could be my east coast best friend : )

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