This is a full throttle Holly post, and I will try to touch on all of the many wonderful things that have been going on, are going on, or will be going on this week. I hope I don't make you tired, but her it goes.


This is my beautiful and very sweet bride Khanh.  Someday soon I will share all of her wedding pictures with you, but for right now we are saving them.  We have big plans for her lovely images taken by photographer Laura Ashbrook. Khanh is really on the blog today because of the wonderful letter she wrote on behalf of her friends.  Read below the moving letter Khahn sent to us, her friends are the next winners of The Blessing Bouquet.

"I would like to nominate my friend's family for one of your blessing bouquets.  Last month they found out that their 20 year old son has a bone marrow failure disease.  Basically, his immune system is attacking his own blood cell-making capability.  He is going to need a bone marrow transplant.  This has been very difficult news for his family to swallow since finding a bone marrow match is very different they finding a blood donor match.  It has been a roller-coaster ride for the whole family.  Just a few weeks ago they told them that there was no one in the whole national database of 7 million donors that was a bone marrow match for him.  Despite the earth-shattering news, the family put all their trust in the Lord and just 2 days later,they found someone out of the country who is a match!  While this was wonderful news, this is only the first battle, and definitely not the biggest.

This family is taking each and every day in stride.  Whenever anyone asks if there's anything they can do for the family, they just say that they would like everyone, if they're comfortable, to register to be a bone marrow donor with Be the Match at  Although it may not help their son's situation, it may save the life of someone else going through something similar.  Holly, thank you for your consideration!  I know that they would count a bouquet from you as a blessing along this daunting time in their lives."

I've attached a photo of my friends mom after I dropped off the bouquet.  She couldn't stop talking about how beautiful it is!  She absolutely loved the lilacs in it because it reminded her of the lilac bush she had when they lived in Colorado.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for having such a generous heart and selecting this family for one of your lovely bouquets!


Also attached is a photo of me (khanh) about to eat some of
South Street Under's ciabatta bread.  I took your advice and asked for a loaf to have with dinner.  The woman there was extremely nice and gave me the loaf at no charge!  Completely unexpected and unnecessary, but I'm completely grateful!  After coming home from visiting with our friends that won the bouquet, I told my husband that I want to move out to Leesburg because everyone out there is just so nice and genuine!


 Thank you again for the blessing bouquet!  Meeting you has been a blessing!!


Many thanks, to Kevin Malon owner of Tuskies and South Street Under  in Leesburg Va. for your very generous support of the Blessings Bouquet. I love you and I love your restaurants you have a heart of gold.


The next fun thing I am sharing about is the B-List blogger conference which is taking place this weekend. We are providing flowers for the event tonight and we are very excited to be a part of this amazing evening.  The top wedding bloggers in the country are gathering and we get to provide the flowers for their kick off event at the Torpedo Factory. I will be working with the extraoridinary Design Cuisine once again, and you can see a little teaser of some of the decor on their blog.  Many thanks to Maria Cooke for bringing me in on this event. 

Here are some of the orange ranunculus "in the cooler" waiting to go to the B-list event. They are super sexy and I can't wait to get them out of the cooler and get to the event.



Here are the designs for this weekend " in the cooler" 







We also had a visit from one of my past MOB's and one of my favorite customers from the village of Waterford. They wanted to get some lilac before I hit the flower and garden show. The lilac from my garden is a favorite at the garden show.


Speaking of the garden show. In addition to the weddings, and our events tonight we also will be at the Leesburg Flower and Garden Show all weekend long. We have tons of lilac, roses and my viburnum is peak this week. Viburnum is the beautiful bright green ball you see in the bouquet above. Our gardens are rocking right now, and we can't wait to see you at the garden show. I will be on wedding delivery Sat. but I will be at the show on Sunday. My daughters Abby and Hannah will be running the booth on Sat. so be sweet and stop by for a visit.


Have a great weekend, and I will see you at the B-list conference, a wedding or at The Leesburg Flower and Garden show. Hope your weekend is full of flowers.

  • Lisa Schneider Says: (04.16.2010 | 09:03)

    Can’t wait to see te flowers at the B-list tonight!

  • Dognbird Says: (04.18.2010 | 11:15)

    You do such beautiful work!

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