Our first winner for the blessings bouquet was Mr. J.L. Tippett, here is the letter we received from his daughter Dawn. We had 2 other winners last week and when we get the pictures we will put them up for you to see. I think it is awesome that a Dad was one of our first winners.


Hi Holly,

I just saw your post and immediately thought of my father.  In the past few years, his younger sister passed away, his father passed away (this past September) and his brother has been in the hospital on and off since before September undergoing some serious procedures.  My father runs his on General Contracting Business and is a coach of an under 14 girls travel soccer team.  He has always been a wonderful husband to my mother and an amazing father to me and my two brothers.  He is a non-stop busy person and never takes time for himself.  In fact, I don't think he's allowed himself to grieve for any of his losses.  He keeps a strong front as the oldest brother of his family, taking care of his mother (visiting her in Annapolis once a week) and serves as the rock of our family. 

I feel like he would appreciate knowing how much he means to all of us and how much we appreciate all he does.



My dad loved the flowers and was so touched by the meaning behind the bouquet.  Thank you for helping me make him smile.

I attached a picture of him in his office with his flowers.  His name is Jay Tippett of J.L. Tippett Construction. 

Thanks again

Dawn (Tippett) Faust


P.S.  I'm sure you can see the soccer medals and plaques on the wall.  He's been a dedicated coach for close to 20 years.  He also has plans to hike in all 50 states, and has completed close to 35 already.  You can see the hiking paths on the map behind him.  Just thought I'd give you a little more insight on my dad, I'm so proud of all he has accomplished.

A great big huge applause to Mr. Tippett for being such a wonderful man. Your daughter loves you very much. 

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