Years ago my husband and I were facing a significant loss. A mother in the community said to me that she "hoped I had blessings along the way". Quite honestly I thought she had lost her mind. We had lost a baby in second trimester, and we were going to the hospital to try and deliver. Yes this is a heavy story and I will skip some of the emotional details because I want to get to the good stuff.  Much to my surprise, there were many blessings along the way. It was during this hospital stay that my husband and I realized that we have an incredible community, of friends, and family all around us. This community was and is willing to do anything for us. This difficult time in our lives, showed us that we have support we did not even know we had or miracles and blessings in our lives. Knowing this makes life so much sweeter. 

Here is what I want to do, every Thursday we are going to give away a bouquet. I want to know who you think needs to "feel the love".  Please submit your requests on the blog under comments. You can also email me if you prefer at, put blessings bouquet in the sub title line.  I will give you a list of more details and rules in the next few days, but for now be thinking about who you know that needs a reminder that there are " blessings along the way"

Our first winner will be next Thursday the 1st of April, this will be a great way to make  April fools day special. The winner will be chosen on Wednesday March 31st at noon. You have until then to submit your entries. The winner or submitter must be able to get the bouquet in Leesburg. I will get more details on that soon.

  • Jubilee Lau Says: (04.01.2010 | 01:16)

    Holly, what a wonderful idea!! I love it!!

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