In this storm…

We have designed and delivered amazing flowers to our bride. 

We have received over 5,000 stems for one of our favorite non-profit organizations. 

We have filled and prepared  140 vases for our client. 

We designed pieces in the vintage containers I have found.

We have prepared for power outages.

We have made homemade chicken salad and bread.

We have tended to the children.

We got our first phone call from someone with  Martha Stewart.

  I have always hoped that someday Martha Stewart would take notice of our home based flower shop. This year it honestly was my goal. I got that call today, of course the call came in the middle of the largest snow storm to hit the DC area since 1922.  The executive saw my website and wanted me to deliver flowers for her mother in law. Nothing would have made me happier than to design a Holly Chapple for her. However I am afraid I will not be able to deliver. We are completely snowed in. For now I am just going to be really grateful that my bride has her flowers, that my flowers for this weeks event are safely in the cooler, that we still have our power, and that everyone is safe. Martha please, please, please, find me again. 



White freesia




Green cabbage roses and green button mums.


White cabbage florets.




Eryngium or blue thistle


The amazing bridal bouquet. My bride was so thrilled and relieved when she saw her bouquet, she said I completely made her day. Notice her family cameo is the crowning glory.


The grooms boutonniere. This bout is my favorite part of Tricia's wedding story (besides the snow of course). Notice the little black stone on the bout. That is Tricia's necklace she was wearing this the first time the groom kissed her. He bent over and asked to see her necklace and then went in for the kiss. So sweet.


Maids bouquets have little hints of pussy willow. I loved these bouquets and know they were stunning with navy dresses.


Each centerpiece was designed in a different vintage compote bowl. The bride collected them for the wedding.


Vases lined up for this weeks event. I need to get 140 centerpieces to The National Harbor.  I think I will be missing the flower shop girls more than ever.



Thousands of carnations will be used on this job and yes I will make carnations look beautiful.


Just for me!



I have been gathering vintage containers for my brides, I took sometime yesterday to play with my new vessels. 




This is what I saw when I opened the sliding glass door.


Our cars and our dog.


Please remember me Martha, I live and breathe flowers, family, and fun.

  • Jean Marks Says: (02.06.2010 | 01:08)

    I love the enthusiasm, connection and creativity…I especially loked the cameo on the bride’s bouquet…how do you do it all, and make bread! Martha, and lots of others, will be in touch once the snow has melted!

  • Joelle Watt Says: (02.06.2010 | 03:15)

    i am honored to call you my friend….my new sister. (are you in va? md? or dc? ha ha ha!) how you balance your dreams and your commitment show an overwhelming example of who you are, not just whom you claim to be.
    “good and faithful servant….great will be your reward.”
    enjoy the snow! it’s so romantic, and as my husband claims….especially when i don’t have to shovel it!

  • Holli Says: (02.06.2010 | 04:48)

    Amazing, simply beautiful work! You are such an inspiration for me who is just starting a floral design business, I hope one day I could do all the work you do and with such grace!I love to read your blog for the encouragement and education you provide! Thank you!

  • Holly Chapple Says: (02.06.2010 | 05:03)

    Thank you so much for your comments. I am so glad you like the blog, it is a real labor of love. I am happy to help you Holli if you should ever need help just call. Good luck with your Holli business.

  • Flower Design Jane Says: (02.06.2010 | 05:10)

    I do love your work, it’s so gorgeous, I met a bride today from the USA and thanks to your blog I was able to inspire her with suggestions that encompassed both her American culture and her Groom’s British heritage, Thank You!

  • Holly Chapple Says: (02.07.2010 | 08:42)

    Thank you Jane,
    How exciting that a fellow flower designer in England has found my blog useful. I came to England when I was in high school, long before I became a florist. Even then, the amazing flowers and foliages had a huge impact on me. I would kill to get my hands on them now.

  • Jaclyne - Heavenly Blooms Says: (02.07.2010 | 07:00)

    Go HOLLY Go… I always knew you rocked!!! I am so excited for you. What a fabulous end to the crazy week. Love the bouquet with the cameo – gorgeous! And from a CA girl’s point of view, the snow is beautiful!

  • Andre Nievo - Vermont Wedding Says: (02.07.2010 | 09:23)

    Exquisite flowers and such a creative arrangement.

  • Suzie of South Riding Says: (02.09.2010 | 02:09)

    I’m not a designer just a teacher who loves and appreciates beautiful flower design. I visit the Leesburg Flower & Garden Show every year and always marvel at the sheer beauty of your arrangements. I’m cleaning since this snowstorm has kept me inside. I came across your card and I’ve kept it for a good reason. Looking at your website has brought a touch of spring to this winter wonderland. I look forward to keeping track of your “Martha” updates. You deserve it! I visited the pink barn several months ago and didn’t see your “space.” Keep warm…it looks like more snow is coming our way. Do you grow any of your flowers? How do you get such beautiful and unusual flowers?

  • Ainsley Crowell Says: (02.23.2010 | 09:53)

    So many beautiful flowers, but I’m still partial to your pup at the end! We have a yellow chow – and he loves the snow 🙂 And, of course, Martha has a new it all ties in!

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