I thought it would be fun to share these images from one of my trips to the wholesaler. For the next few months my work will be more about paper work and computer work than actually designing. This is the hardest time of year for me; I actually go through a mini flower withdraw.  I might just have to take a peek at these pictures every once and a while to keep me going.  We do have several events this winter, and we have weekly deliveries to maintain so that I can get little fixes. I just will not be rolling in roses again until wedding season hits.


Each one of these packages contains 25 roses. The roses are stored out of water in the cold (in the cooler)  to stop development. When the roses are purchased they are shipped to the flower shops, or to designers like me. Each rose is freshly cut and then placed in buckets of screaming hot water. The hot water helps to open the stems and allows the rose to get a really good draw of water. We also use a flower preservative in the water to help keep the water clean and to offer nutrients.


This picture shows just how large the flower cooler is at the wholesaler. Better get your coat if you are going for a visit.


Have you ever seen this many tulips? This is a fabulous time of year to get tulips. Holland has awesome varieties ready throughout the winter.


These gerber daisies just make me want to smile because today these are the only flowers I will get to have. I need to start weeding though a ton of emails, voice mails and contracts. The first days back to work after the holiday break are very difficult. If I was designing today I would be running back into the shop; instead it is a total computer day. One bright spot will be uploading last years weddings on to the website. I will see lots of flowers there. And you should come see them too.


  • Maureen Says: (01.04.2010 | 07:13)

    Holly, I have seen ACRES of tulips, we live not too far from Skagit Valley where they grow them by the acre, it’s gorgeous. I will send you a link to my pics, you would die!

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