As usual, there was a lot going on around here today. In addition to the preparations for my weddings and corp. parties this weekend, Loudoun Magazine came by for a photo shoot.  It seems my flowers were the perfect background for Lola's extraordinary cupcakes.  I really enjoyed my time with photographer Molly Steele and Writer Therese Howe. I love doing photo shoots, and these two ladies are so very talented. 


Our photo shoot worked out perfectly for Sam. 


I also would like to thank two lovely ladies for coming to help today in the flower shop. Jackie, owner of Petal's and Bows Flowers and Gifts in Hancock, MD, came to visit me with her friend and designer Tina. These two girls drove almost 2 hours to see our operation. They ended up spending the whole day helping us get ready for this weekend's events. If you are getting married near Hancock, I hope you will consider Petals and Bows Flower Shop. These girls were awesome, and I would love to spend every Friday with them.


Now here is my "In The Cooler" part of the post. It is 12:22 a.m., and I  am hoping my bride Anne is fast asleep. We call Anne "Triple S." She requested flowers that were stunning, sophisticated and sexy.  I know we will make Anne very happy today. Here are some of the designs in the cooler, and then I am going to bed. 







This is Lacey; she is one of my past brides. She loves my flowers so much, she uses them for corp. events. Thank you for remembering me long after your wedding. We delivered this party tonight.




This is one very sexy bridal bouquet; however, it is not yours Anne.



  • Zeal Says: (07.03.2011 | 04:36)

    Yup, that’ll do it. You have my aprpeaiction.

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