It is Thanksgiving Eve, and I have just about finished my part of the big T-day dinner. I was thinking back over the last year, and I realized that I started my blog this weekend a year ago. For the last year I have been sharing the joys, pleasures, victories and successes of this family and business. On a few occasions I may have even shared fears, concerns, mistakes or stresses.  Through all of this, I have found that the blog allows me a chance to record all of the happenings in Chapple Land. The blog pushes me to be creative, to actually practice my trade. Before blogging I would have never thought of doing flower photo shoots or making designs just for the sake of being creative.  Now when I think I would really like to have a centerpiece for myself or for my Thanksgiving table I also think, "Hey this could be a great photo opportunity," which in turn causes me to give myself the gift of flowers.  The blog has inspired so many fabulous designs, relationships and opportunities; not to mention a house Full of Bouquets.  This has been a true labor of love. Many thanks to those  who have encouraged me to continue.

I am in love with my Thanksgiving centerpiece because it was not only for me but for you; I really thought about how I could make it cool.  I used absolutely no flowers and that was really fun. Debbie brought in these little dainty Spirea branches from her garden, and I was dying to use some of them for this piece. I used persimmons, kumquats, boxwood, seeded eucalyptus, pineapple sage, bear grass, pheasant feathers and bear grass. It may be one of my all time favorites.


When I am in the flower shop designing, I am typically drinking coffee and talking on the phone. Hannah caught me in action today while I was filling the Thanksgiving orders.







I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving day. Make yourself a big fat centerpiece and enjoy the beauty around you.



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