Just for fun!!! Genevieve Leiper Photography and Holly Heider Chapple Flowers worked together to create these dazzling images. Perhaps you saw them featured on the Brides Cafe. Creating just for the sake of creation is flipping amazing. Now we both have these awesome images to add to our portfolios.





This bouquet was designed with black magic roses, green hydrangea, green orchids, yellow billy balls, jester amaranthus, crocosmia, deep purple scabiosa, orange mokara orchids, coxcomb, hypericum berry and pheasant feathers. I know that sounds like a foreign language to you, but to me it sounds like music. I love each one of these blossoms for their individuality. Each element brings a different color and texture. I loved this bouquets: loved, loved, loved it.


This shoot was done on the historic grounds of Morven Park. This venue is truly amazing and is a photographer's dream.  For the second part of the shoot we headed over to Fabbioli Cellars. We took these shots right in the vines. It was just a few weeks before harvest so the grapes are ripe and match the flowers. Lucky us we nailed this shoot as well.



This bouquet was created with vanda orchids, green hydrangea, bells of ireland, green cymbidium orchids, purple scabiosa and ornamental grasses. In both of these shoots we wired mini orchids for the brides hair. Killer!!!!


This shot should be on the cover of a magazine.


I am so glad we worked on this, it was truly awesome. If you have a killer dress and want to play, let me know–I am really getting into this.  A huge thanks to the bride and model Stephanie Fuller and make up artists Victoria Stiles.


  • Alex Chapple Says: (11.25.2009 | 02:41)

    The grapes act as a perfect frame for the bride and flowers. Nice work!

  • wedding blog Says: (11.28.2009 | 06:51)

    Féliciations! you had a beautiful bouquet

  • creative recreation Says: (08.11.2010 | 03:57)

    I have been looking through your blog, I love your projects they are so cute and the fabric projects are awesome.Thanks for sharing,

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