We have been very busy creating centerpieces for the holidays. Our evergreen arrangements are now being offered at On A Whim antiques in Lucketts, VA.  We have designed pieces that are perfect for Thanksgiving, as well as the Christmas season. Many of the designs are very natural and primitive in nature and speak more of winter than the typical holiday type of decor.

I love evergreen designs because they will last through the holiday season into the New Year. We use pine cones, pods, berries, ornaments, twigs, feathers and ribbon to make the pieces unique. We omit the use of fresh flowers so that you can enjoy the designs for many weeks.





I also have awesome antique furnishing in my little space at On A Whim. We are also offering other decorating elements for the holidays.





On A Whim has multiple dealers, so each space is completely a reflection of that designer. You will be thrilled with all of the choices in this store.






Come visit On A Whim Antiques, and you will love every square inch of this wonderful store.


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