As we move into November we are enjoying a full schedule, but a much calmer pace. This week I have had extra time for the kids and time to enjoy my flower ladies. We created designs for 3 weddings, and we also got to do bridal shower flowers for one of my favorite past customers. We also celebrated Jessie's birthday today. Designer Debbie is home in North Carolina; we miss her, but we were so glad she could be with her family. Here are some photos that show our shop, cooler, family and flower shop ladies.


Here is the birthday girl Jessie helping me get the flowers ordered for next week. After lunch, we had a mini birthday party.

When baby Grace woke me up at 5 AM this morning, I decided to bake Jessie a red velvet birthday cake.

Jessie is on the left, Carrie is next, then Sam, and then city designer Helen. 


This piece was created for Tuskies Restaurant in Leesburg, Virginia. We do their weekly flowers.




We have a beautiful purple and lavender wedding at Morven Park;these pieces are for Allie.




Of course, we always have our little visitors in the shop. Honestly, some days I don't know how the flower shop ladies put up with what goes on around here. When kids are yours, their behavior is so much easier to deal with; when they belong to someone else, they can be very annoying. My ladies are always good to our little visitors. Grace is just plain cute, so having her around is fun. Sam, however, creates an unbelievable amount of mischief.



Sam hiding in the flower delivery boxes.


This all just works for me; this is how I want to run my business. I wanted it all: a big family and a big business. Home base makes that possible.


We have two fall weddings this weekend and the blossoms are just amazing.





Milva orange roses.


Bronze button mums.


Antique green hydrangea–a local product.


Garland for our Lightfoot Restaurant wedding. We will twirl this up the stem of an elevated vase.


We have had a great week. We were featured this Friday on The Brides Cafe, and those images are simply to die for. Please take time to check out our post at the cafe. We also received a phone call from The Knot, and we have made the 2010 best-of list. This is a huge deal for us. What this means is that not only are we doing a great job here, but our brides are taking the time to nominate us for this award. We are really excited about the many good things that seem to be coming our way. We are also enjoying the new relationships with other designers and florists across this country. Yes, I Twitter, Facebook and blog.  I am just simply happy. My big baby Alex is coming home on Saturday, so when I finish up my weddings, I will have some full Chapple family, family time. What a treat.


  • Kathy Lyons Says: (11.08.2009 | 07:52)

    Love your In the Cooler posts…Next week is my turn to be in the cooler! Can’t wait to see my wedding flowers Holly- thank you in advance for your hard work. You do such a great job!!
    Kathy Lyons

  • Ashley Says: (11.09.2009 | 08:06)

    Congratulations on the call from The Knot! FANTASTIC!

  • Holly Chapple Says: (11.09.2009 | 08:48)

    Thanks Ashley we are really excited about our accomplishments this year. We have had an awesome year.

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