This summer I had the pleasure of doing bouquets for Ursula's wedding. Ursula married at the Patowmack Farm Restaurant  just down the road from my house. She had a small intimate wedding, and I loved the feel of her special day.  Gorgeous dress, fine dining and a small gathering of friends and family.  These images are from the professional photographer, Brandi from Modern Toile Photography. Although this was one of the smallest weddings I did this year, the results are one of my favorites. Ursula had 12 guests at her wedding and everything was simply magical.


We created a bouquet for Ursula of antique blue hydrangea, cream vendela roses and white mini calla lily. We made the bouquet slightly smaller than usual and we loved the effect.



I let Ursula borrow this really sweet blue pitcher that I got at Marshall's of all places. We used that on the dinner table to hold the bouquet, and then we created two smaller designs in white creamers that we also picked up at Marshall's.


In these designs we picked up more color with the antiquing hydrangea in several shades, the same vendela roses, and we also added orange tulips in deeper peach pink tones and some yellow. I really love the way this looks.



If I remember the story correctly Ursula was going to skip the whole wedding and just snag her man at a civil ceremony. Her friends convinced her to do this smaller scale wedding. I love this alternative for those who do not want the big wedding. You still get the awesome dress, flowers, a fabulous evening, wonderful memories and, of course, the hubby. I really think this is a fun option.

Thanks for letting us be a part of your wedding. Happy married life Ursula.


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    All of my qusteions settled—thanks!

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