Jessica chose warm rich tones for her wedding, and they were a perfect match for the weather. Everything was so lush and hearty that it was hard to notice it was raining. We used deep black magic roses, hot pink roses, burnt orange tones, antique green hydrangea, hypericum berry and lots of magnolia leaves.


The maids bouquets matched the bridal bouquet, but we used only miniature roses in their bouquets. This was a great way to make the bridal more dramatic.

We boxed up all of the bouquets and wrapped them with tissue paper to protect them from the rain. The flowers of course could handle a little mist, but we did not want to get water marks on the ribbon.



The wedding took place at Hillsborough Vineyard, which truly boasts some of the best views in Loudoun. The historic stone house and barn are a great example of the rich Loudoun heritage. The barn was converted into the tasting room and wedding reception space. It all overlooks the amazing view I mentioned. We arrived to a rolling fire and a very festive feel. I love working at this vineyard, I am a sucker for a family owned and operated business. I love seeing the owner and his wife working with the guests. Catering was provided by Karen Harper Fuog and she does an amazing job. In fact, she catered for one of my sister's weddings years ago.



Place cards were set up on the gorgeous bar, and miniature arrangements of the day were set out as well.


What I loved most about this wedding was the use of silver trophy bowls. The silver was used in honor of the groom's mother. All centerpieces were created in her beautiful sterling silver trophies from her riding days. Some of the trophies were won at the top horse shows in the country.  This was a very sentimental way to pay tribute to the groom's mother. The silver, in addition to being symbolic, added just the right touch of elegance to the event. We used large trophy bowls, silver pitchers and even silver mint julep cups.


Judy Thompson Of Classic Strings was warming up as we placed the centerpieces. The music was truly amazing and added to the glowing warmth.



The cake was also made by Karen; I loved how it was presented on this wine barrel. I was able to use inches of the magnolia under the cake and really feature this favorite greenery for the bride.



The buffet piece was absolutely stunning and in the largest trophy bowl of all. They also added silver candlesticks and a fabulous red hunt country fabric runner.



I know everyone always wants a sunny wedding day, but there was a lot to be said for that crackling fire. The wedding had such an incredibly romantic feel, and I am certain the warmth was not just from the fire. I am so glad we got to be a part of the day, and I loved every detail. 

Happy married life Jessica. We loved your wedding.


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