This bouquet belonged to Adrienne. This bride was just awesome. In spite of the fact that she looks like a girly-girl, or in other words she is gorgeous, her career takes her into some very dangerous places. Adrienne is a game warden for the County of Loudoun.  I hope to have pictures of her very soon, but for now here are her flowers.  Her sweet dad picked up all of the flowers the morning of the wedding. This is a great way to save money on labor and delivery.

The bridal bouquet was created with Don's Dahlia's, red orchids, orange orchids, orange calla lily, bronze football mums, black magic roses and estelle roses; this is the first picture in this post.


The maids bouquet started with the same bronze football mums, roses, berry and orchids. This was one of my favorite fall bouquets of the year. The simplicity of the design has an awesome outcome.


We created the centerpieces in my favorite stone urn. I love this container for every season. Adrienne allowed us to create each centerpiece different, so we had lots of fun with that. There were 13 pieces in total.




My next bride was Amelia; as you can see we had a power packed day last Sunday. Amelia also sent her dad to do the flower pick up. The dads last weekend were so wonderful. To keep Amelia on budget we did several wonderful things. First the family picked up and saved on labor, second we used all carnations. I am so thrilled with the way everything looked. Even though Amelia was on a budget, she had 9 bridesmaids. That can get very costly, so we created tight clean balls of white carnations for each maid. We provided glass vases for each maids bouquet and they doubled as centerpieces. We made the exact same design in pink for the other 11 tables. There is nothing budget looking about this wedding; in fact, it is just to die for.





The bridal bouquet was a sweet and elegant design of candy bianca roses and 20 stems of light pink spray roses. Her wedding was simply charming.

As promised my last wedding took me back to Whitehall. We ended the weekend the same way we started, with a blue and orange wedding at Whitehall.


This was Faye's wedding. We created her bouquet of green hydrangea that had a slight tint of blue. We used orange dahlias, orange roses, orange orchids, orange freesia, and orange spray roses. I loved Faye's vision and was so happy to bring this fabulous wedding together for her. 

We used lots of blue delphinium in the maids bouquets, and we made mini bouquets for the mothers.




The cake was created by Amphora Bakery. Look how cute this is…


The centerpieces also showed off all the bright, beautiful colors of the day.



The ceremony was on the front lawn of the beautiful Whitehall Manor. The house was the backdrop for the service.


This incredible arrangement was made by designer Sam. The piece served as altar piece and then became the buffet piece for dinner.  Once again, I am in awe with Don's incredible Dahlias. We are still doing the no frost dance in hopes that we will have them next weekend.

As you can see last weekend was a very large weekend for us. I am always amazed and impressed with the way that we handle things around here. I often take for granted what we accomplish both as a business and a family.  There are those days though when I realize what we are doing is pretty remarkable. So just as I give the last information about last weekend's wedding, we are preparing for this weekend's brides. We start out with a lovely wedding on Friday for Lauren at none other than Whitehall Mansion.

Happy married life, Adrienne, Amelia and Faye.



  • Says: (10.16.2009 | 09:09)

    i am in love with what you do with carnations! it’s simply stunning

  • dharma Says: (10.16.2009 | 09:54)

    love all the orange in these arrangements. just beautiful. and I too am doing the no frost dance… just one more week!!! =)

  • Holly Chapple Says: (10.16.2009 | 09:16)

    Keep dancing Dharma, if we get through tonight we should be okay. I talked to Dahlia Don today and he said the temps were holding steady above freezing. It is supposed to be mid 60’s and up come Tuesday. We are almost there my beautiful bride to be.

  • Holly Chapple Says: (10.16.2009 | 09:21)

    Thanks for the comments about the carnations. I am really proud of those little beauties. They really get such a bad reputation for no reason.

  • Lacey Jones Says: (10.16.2009 | 10:22)

    Holly, wanted to let you know that I went to the Leesburg Farmer’s Market last Saturday and checked out Don’s Dahlias. They are just as beautiful in person as they are in your arrangements. What beautiful flowers–and colors! My parents were in town last weekend, and I brought home a bouquet of dahlias so my mom could share in the beauty of the season. Keep up the great work! – Lacey

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