Wow!!!! I have so much on my mind, and so many great things I want to share. First off, if you think it is cold here in Virginia today, check out my new flower girl friend Alicia Schwede in Colorado. She is joining us tonight "In The Cooler." Alicia owns Bella Fiore Events. Amazingly enough we are doing some of the same colors tomorrow.  Alicia is one of the many talented designers I have found on Twitter. You can follow us both on twitter. Look for me under "chappleflowers."  Please dive into her blog and see some of her unbelievable creations. I have so enjoyed following her this summer.  Colorado weddings are slowly coming to a chilly halt, and this is a fairly small weekend for her. Please look beyond this post for inspiration. Thank you so much Alicia for joining me tonight "In The Cooler," and good luck tomorrow on your wedding. I will be thinking of you.


Here Debbie and I are studying the dimensions on bird cages. Our bride Amy purchased these for her wedding, and we needed to see them before we could order the flowers. We spent hours getting the flowers ordered for next week. We are watching the weather and trying to prepare for the beginning of the change in seasons. So much of what we do depends on mother nature. I have checked with Don from Don's Dahlias and for now all of our precious dahlia's are happy. Everyone do the no frost dance for my bride Dharma. We really want Dahlias.

We also had really exciting news today. Our flowers were on Snippet and Ink; check out this blog post that included our bridal shower centerpieces. We got to help our friend Maria Cooke from Ritzy Bee. The shower was for Maria's sister. 

Here is what is "In the cooler" and some of the happenings in the shop or house today. I am also sharing one really fun shot of my bride Lauren. We delivered her wedding flowers tonight, but I am saving the photographs for Monday. 


A basket completely made of flowers for Lauren's wedding today.


Maids bouquets.




Incredible centerpieces for Lauren.


My oldest baby Alex is home for the weekend from Virginia Tech. Here he is loving on our youngest baby, Miss Grace. They are 22 years apart. Even though they are mine I still find it hard to believe. I love having him home.


I also love this hydrangea. 




Oh, so cute Sam. You just gotta love him.


Love my Hannah also.


And Miss Lauren loved her bouquet so much she was doing a little happy dance. I will share those pictures on Monday. It is time for bed. We have lots to do tomorrow, and the girls have their homecoming dance also. It will be a busy flower day and a busy mommy day. 


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