Tonight I have a great treat for you. You can visit with designer Tracy Hill Park In Michigan; Tracy is posting her first "In The Cooler." You can see her super sexy designs here. Thanks to social media, I met Tracy on either Twitter or Facebook, proving this really is a small world. I got to talk to Tracy today, and we planned this little treat. Thank you Tracy for playing with us today in our flower shop. Due to the internet, the blog and twitter, I have flower pals all over the world. How cool is this? I even got a request through Facebook tonight to help another designer in the area out of a jam. I happen to have the flowers she needs in my cooler. She will be here at 7:30 am tomorrow to get the final touches for her bridal bouquet.

So… get ready to feast your eyes on some really beautiful designs in Virginia and in Michigan. Here is what is going on in flower shop and "in our cooler." I have a lot to share so hold on.


Here the girls are creating white carnation bouquets. Yes, I know it is hard to believe that carnations can look that good. We happen to love them now after 15 years of saying we hate them.



Yes… pink carnation centerpieces. I told you so!!!!! We love them.


The white calla lily. 



The peach calla lily: truly a phenomenal specimen.


White cymbidium orchids, and white mini callas.


Keep on petaling girls; we have lots to do!!!!!


Here come the fall flowers.




A fresh flower wreath for the ceremony. Everyone loved this.




Orange and blue designs.




Wow!!! That was a huge share, and, believe it or not, there are tons of designs I am just too tired to post.

We had a great day today, and I am excited about "In The Cooler" spreading around the country. I would really love to see this grow.


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