Our reversible bouquet!!!!


Our flower orders began last week with bouquets for a photo shoot. I wanted to get two looks out of one bouquet, so I made the front completely different from the back of the bouquet: thus, the reversible bouquet. I think this could really catch on. What bride wouldn't love having two bridal bouquets. Very cool, and super fun.


We created this bouquet for the same photo shoot; we loved the color of the dark purple vanda orchids. The shoot took place in a vineyard and the grapes were at perfect, purple, peak. It was a stunning combination with the flowers. We hope to see these designs published.


We were elated to create this piece for a former United States Vice President. This was our closest presidential experience. I do have mini dreams of having Holly Chapple Flower designs in the White House. To achieve this goal, I would probably have to abandon a few children while I chased my dream. Since I LOVE having my big family, that is not a goal I will pursue. Right now, I have it all: great family, great brides, and an occasional celebrity.



We created these autumnal designs for Suann of Simple Song Design.  Suann is going to help Holly Chapple flowers get a face lift. We are going to have Suann create new business cards, new marketing material, new labels and tags for our retail space at On A Whim Antiques. We are also getting gift cards with our logo, just in case we get another presidential order. Suann is a letterpress designer, and her work is amazing. You can also follow Suann's blog; it is truly inspiring.  Suann also gave us a nice mention in her latest post.


These designs were created for a luncheon in DC. We blended terra cotta colored roses, black magic roses, green hydrangea and deep browns together to make these pieces. They were sharp, elegant and sophisticated. LOVE that fiddle head fern.


We have three weddings to bring to you as well. I just didn't want you to miss all of the very beautiful non wedding pieces that happened last week.

Oh, one last thing, to further aggravate my son Alex who says I use the word love too much, I have decided to use bold type every time I use the word love.  If all of the other bloggers can say "I heart" this, then I can boldly say I love this. Love you Alex.


  • julianne smith Says: (10.05.2009 | 08:35)

    absolutely beautiful, as always! i LOVE it!

  • Lara Says: (10.05.2009 | 09:00)

    the “presidential” piece with all of the dahlias in bright fall colors is stunning! definite wedding inspiration 🙂

  • suann Says: (10.05.2009 | 09:48)

    Pics are great! And yes, you’ve got the list right … looking forward to working on your things. Thanks, Holly!

  • Holly Chapple Says: (10.05.2009 | 09:49)

    Auto-Response, We are often designing or at an event. Please understand this may delay our response.
    Keep on petaling,

  • Custom Logo Design Says: (01.02.2010 | 02:55)

    This collection is also pretty. i love your work dear.

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