This bouquet was created with hydrangea, zinnia, and lambs ear from my garden. The grass is roadsidius–or cut from the side of the road. Roadsidius just sounds more sexy. We wrapped the bouquet in bark wire. Genevieve photographed the bouquet in one of the copper pots from my booth at On A Whim.


This bouquet was created with fern I found while taking a walk with my daughter. We used fall colored roses, scabiosa pods, mini poppy pods and a foliage called safari sunset or leucadendron. We wrapped the bouquet in burlap and photographed the design in a old wooden box.


This little vase was created as a sample to try on our new shepherds hooks. We thought it was so cute we took it along to the photo shoot. The design is a simple vase with ribbon wrapped around the vase. The ribbon will actually be our way of hanging the vases on the hooks. We used bright green spider mums, green roses, lavender mums and green hydrangea.


As I have mentioned before my daughter Hannah is showing lots of talent as a photographer, so she caught this great image of Genevieve at work. The following images are my bouquets through Hannah's eyes. 


Many thanks to Genevieve for feeding me so many images this week.  We will post "in the cooler" later today, as in really late today.


  • send flowers to Philippines Says: (10.13.2009 | 08:36)

    Wow! i like the arrangement of this flower so beautiful,i wish i know how can i arrange like this.

  • Custom Logo Design Says: (01.02.2010 | 01:12)

    Wow, i love to view these bougets. that’s gorgeous.

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