This is my bride Lacey. Lacey married two years ago at White Hall Manor in Bluemont. It is her second wedding anniversary. I am very proud of the fact that Lacey still loves us, even after two years. That is very cool!!! In fact, Lacey and her mother have been keeping up with the business by reading the blog. Lacey is one of my featured weddings on my website. You can see the professional images taken by L.H. Lindberg there. Lacey wrote me just a few weeks ago, and I thought it would be fun to share that with you, plus a little update about how they are doing now. I will also share with you the photos that I took that day; they were never published. Lacey was pre-blog. Even though the wedding was two years ago, it is an awesome example of our fall designs. First, here is one of her last emails to me.


Hi Holly,

Just thinking of you an wanted to say hello!! I love your blog. What a fabulous way to keep up with you, your family, and your new brides!

I always think about our wonderful wedding experience and flowers this time of the year. I remember things kicking into high gear, finalizing all our selections. What great memories! Our flowers were absolutely gorgeous!! Don't know if I told you, but I had my bouquet preserved and dried many of our flowers. I have them displayed in various places throughout our home. The dried flowers have faded in color, but I just love them. The hydrangeas dried beautifully, as did Peter's boutonniere. …Hard to think we're almost at our 2-year anniversary!!

I thought about you in January and read about Grace's birth. She is just adorable and growing like a weed! I started writing you an email, but somehow I lost it and never got around to writing again.

I think of you often, throughout the year, but you're especially in my thoughts as our anniversary nears. Two years later, we're so appreciative of your incredible work!

I need to get back out to On a Whim and check out your area. I love that store!

Hope this note finds you doing well!



I love this picture. These stands will always remind me of Lacey. She wanted iron elevated designs with hanging votives. Wonderful Ted, Designer Debbie's husband, twisted all of those wires and made those cones for the hanging votives.  These stands and votives are still some of my favorite inventory.

This photo also shows all of the detail work that Lacey did. The table was completely dressed; Lacey worked diligently on her wedding to make certain everything was perfect.  All of her efforts certainly paid off; everything was so incredibly beautiful. 

All of the tables were elevated except for Lacey and Peter's table. I wanted them visible all night. So we created this very lush centerpiece for their table.

The cake was designed by Rocio Diaz of a Piece of Cake, and yes I love her!!!!

Now here is the news from Lacey and Peter.

We had a very busy anniversary. We had dinner at the Lightfoot and then came back to our house for dessert. Dinner was excellent; as you know, Lightfoot's food and service is always excellent.


Okay…now for the blurb about us..hmm…what can I say?


It seems so hard to believe that two years have passed since our wedding date. It took us 15 months to plan our wedding, the day was absolutely beautiful (thanks to our many wonderful wedding vendors, including Holly and her amazing flowers!), and yet it passed so quickly. As the saying goes, time really flies. The first few years of marriage have found us busy–we've enjoyed spending time together fixing up our home and are finally getting a chance to sit back and enjoy some of our hard work. We've taken a few trips to the beach and spent time visiting with friends and family. As our second anniversary was just celebrated, it's a nice time recall our wedding day and look forward to what the future holds. One year ago, we could not have predicted in a million years what we would be experiencing today. My husband lost his job in June, and we are now embarking on the exciting journey of starting a home improvement/construction business. Who knows what the next year holds, but we are looking forward to another great year!

Hope you are doing well! We think of you often. I just looked at our wedding pictures and am still struck by the beauty of our wedding and the wonderful flowers!! How beautiful! It would be great to re-live that day again and again!




Thank you Lacey and Peter for sharing with us.  It makes me so happy that we stay in touch.

Hugs back at you both,


  • Sandra White Says: (09.16.2009 | 02:59)

    Holly, how sweet of you to post about Lacey and Peter on their anniversary… I pulled up your blog this morning and couldn’t believe it… I am sure that it made Lacey and Peter feel very proud!!
    lacey’s mom

  • Holly Chapple Says: (09.16.2009 | 03:17)

    I loved working with you and Lacey. It is fun to have my past brides and their moms still a part of our team.
    I will always treasure our planning time together.

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