Margaret was our White House bride.  Margaret literally worked at the White House for several years. Her term ended this January with the change of the administration. She was the White House Bride to me.  I had fun drilling her on what types of flower arrangements could be seen in the White House.

The look of this wedding was amazing.  I love the vibrant reds and greens. We used antique green hydrangea to give us contrast against the reds.  We eliminated white flowers from the wedding so that the designs were more autumnal rather than holiday. I love this look for the fall; it is unique.

The photographer was Paul Morse, who actually photographed Jenna Bush's wedding.  My daughter was able to shoot these pictures after he set up the look.  We are so grateful to have these images to share.

We also had the pleasure of working with Liz Denny. She was the wedding coordinator for this event. Liz also worked at the White house. In addition to being an event planner, she also owns Peridot Paper

We love this picture of the bride's dad.  My daughter, Hannah, took all of these photographs.

We did arrangements of black magic roses, green hydrangea and burgundy carnations for the low centerpieces. The elevated designs featured the red and green orchids.

I love these detail shots of the table. Hannah is showing a lot of talent as a photographer.

Here is an awesome shot of our good friend Rocio Diaz from a Piece of Cake. She is one of the most remarkable people I know. That smile is something you can count on; she wears it every day. Her cakes are a complete work of art that she bakes completely from scratch. Look at the detail on this cake; it totally matched the bride's lace.

We have had a very unusual week. We lost the camera and the computer. This blog has become a huge part of our business. I love showing you each and every detail. To say I was stressed when the camera broke is putting it mildly.  We had six weddings this past weekend, and I really wanted to share them with you. I am so devoted to the blog that I went and bought another camera on the way to the Friday wedding. I downloaded all of the images from the weekend on Saturday night. 

On Sunday the computer crashed. I may have lost most of my photographs, someone is trying to extract all of that information now. I love technology! Nothing like a little extra stress when you are in the middle of wedding season and have seven children. Let's not mention that school and sports just started. I am still missing some of those dreaded back to school papers.   

I want to thank my daughter Hannah for racing to the Apple store with me and her three youngest siblings. This was not an easy task. I am leaving the world of PCs behind. Please bare with us as we make this very painful change over!! Every word I type is a struggle. Much to our surprise we still had two of the weekend's weddings still on the camera. I did a big gratitude dance and here we are. Let's hope the local computer doctor can retrieve the rest of my photos. 

By the way, the Apple store was wonderful, and I can't believe they put up with a four and three year old spinning around their store.

I think we just successfully completed this post. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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