We had a whirlwind weekend last weekend, and we have lost a day this week with the holiday. I am a little behind on my posts, but here are a few sneak previews. I will work on getting you better images in the next few days. Lets just say we had some technical difficulties with my camera–meaning it failed me miserably. These shots are from my phone.


These were our amazing creations at the Hay Adams Hotel in DC. 22 red Carnation balls suspended from the tent ceiling.  What a mega whopper this one was. I'm hoping for the professional images very soon.  Please note that the ribbons were cut clean, and you did not see all of that ribbon.


In addition to all of the designers, I enlisted several of my teenage daughter's friends to help do the holding and hanging. You need young blood on this kind of a job. I myself fell off of a chair and look like an abuse victim. I am a really great designer, but I am extremely clumsy. Those folding chairs collapse when you stand on the seat. Not smart.



The place card design: simple, elegant, and very chic.


The ceremony actually took place at the Decatur House. The Decatur is right down the street from the Hay Adams. Guests could walk from the wedding to the reception at the Hay.

More pictures coming later today.


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