Our wonderful couple, Lori and Danny, made the cover section of a DC newspaper. You can see the story here. This is a beautiful article, and I am sure you will enjoy reading about them. The DC newspaper neglected to mention that we were the florist. We still think this is a big deal, and we are happy to report that we were indeed the florist on this wedding. 

My son Alex is always accusing me of saying that I love everything, but I can assure you that I don't love this newspaper right now. It was an extra nice slap because I am one of their customers, and this little insult was delivered to my front door. Happy Sunday morning for me. Every vendor was mentioned but the florist; I am not quite sure how this happened, but I do know the flowers were gorgeous. So beautiful, in fact, that they featured several close up photographs of the flowers. We labored over them for days and feel they are as noteworthy as the cake, the photography, the venue, the event planner and the caterer, who were all mentioned in the article.

So, right now, I do not love the newspaper who shall remain nameless. I do still love my bride and groom, the event planner Jennifer Arrezzo who brought me in on the job, Steve Canning for getting me these images and Don for his fabulous Dahlia's.  

I think the flowers are every bit as important as all the other parts of the wedding day. Is it true or am I just partial to my craft? I would love to see some comments about this.


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