I just wanted to share that we reached 100 reviews with Wedding Wire this week. 100 awesome and incredible reviews for Holly Chapple Flowers can be found here.  I love the Wedding Wire program and believe it is a priceless resource for brides.  Wedding Wire allows brides to share reviews on wedding vendors in their particular area.  If you are a bride and not using Wedding Wire, it is time you found this fabulous wedding planning tool. 

Please also check out the Wedding Aces program. This is the Wedding Wire blog, and I am a guest blogger for WeddingWire Aces. On the Wedding Aces blog you have the advice of every type of wedding vendor you will need to plan an event.  Get ready to have some fun. Wedding planning is way less stressful with the help of Wedding Wire.

Thanks to all of my brides who made a review; your kind words are such an incredible gift to me. I love reading my reviews and am so grateful I am making all of you so happy. Keep those reviews coming. We love them, seriously.

Here are a few pictures from designs we created today. We are loving the way this week is turning out.

  • Janice Carnevale Says: (09.03.2009 | 10:48)

    What blows my mind is that you design this stuff on Wednesday, the client sees it on Saturday, and if the planner is lucky, she gets to take something home and it still looks good on the next Wednesday! That is a testament to the quality of your product!

  • Holly Heider Chapple Says: (09.03.2009 | 10:07)

    Actually a lot of the pieces we create on Wens. are for our weekly flower orders. We created the mint bouquet with the callas just for fun. We can make pieces with carnations on Wens. becuase they have such a long life span. We also can design some pieces that are directly in water. In the vase or in the bucket is essentially the same thing. Wednesday is all about the flowers drinking. They need to get hydrated. I am very proud of the fact that my flowers are very fresh when they get to the wedding.

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