We had the pleasure of designing Becky and Sal's wedding flowers this past weekend at the Thomas Birkby House.  Designer Debbie, Sam and a crew of worker bees hit the Thomas Birkby House,while Jessie and I handled our DC bride.  We are clearly going to need to buy another camera if we keep this up.  The photographs I have to share are a mix of several different cameras, and unfortunately we did not get photos of everything. Hopefully you will get an idea of how perfectly we decorated the Birkby. In fact, this may have been one of our most beautiful yet.

We created a large arrangement that was placed under the arbor. This piece doubled as the buffet piece. Tuskies handled all of the catering and did an amazing job.

We created 6 white carnation pomanders. These hung from shepherds hooks to decorate the aisle. We also sprinkled petals all the way down the aisle, next to the chairs and under the kissing balls.

We decorated this wagon with roses and ribbon. This was used to bring down the flower girl.

The tent looked absolutely decadent. We did a total of 12 elevated designs. 6 pieces were airy and wispy and 6 designs were a tight clean mound of hot pink hydrangea.  We elevated the pieces on my new Clarinet vases. These vessels are show stoppers.

We used hot pink roses, medium pink roses, pink coxcomb, green mums, green hydrangea, green hanging amaranthus, green carnations, pink larkspur, and pink orchids to create the taller designs. The tight ball designs were created with over 20 stems of pink hydrangea. In fact, we tinted the hydrangea to get it that dark bright pink. We also used pink roses, green spider mums, green hydrangea and coxcomb in these designs with the same hanging amaranthus.


After I finished in DC, I came by to see my bride and groom.  I was able to get these photographs of everyone enjoying the night. This was a fabulous wedding, and I look forward to getting more photographs from the day.



We truly had another remarkable weekend at Holly Chapple Flowers Ltd.  Wait until you see what we do this weekend. We are headed for another unbelievable weekend.


  • Monkey Says: (07.03.2011 | 02:05)

    Never would have thunk I would find this so inidpessnable.

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