I wanted to share with you the professional images from one of our June weddings. The photographs were taken by Jennifer Anderson Photography. I loved her work and how she captured the beauty of the day.  The wedding took place at Hillsborough Vinyard.  I have also posted two lovely letters from my bride. These letters mean the world to me and keep me pushing petals. Make sure you read the second letter she sent me at the bottom of the post.


Thank you so much for going above and beyond to make my wedding a special occasion. The flowers looked SO beautiful. I'm going to try to take my bouquet on the honeymoon with me because I can't bear to part with it.

You managed to give me, and my mom, exactly what we both wanted- no small task. I can't thank you enough!







For several little girls that were not officially a part of the wedding party, we created small bracelets and Barrett's of flowers. These were created to match their gowns. This is a fabulous way to keep all the little girls happy.

Thanks, Holly

Also, speaking of a great honeymoon, I thought you might get a kick out of this: I couldn't bear to throw out my bridal bouquet, so I took it on the honeymoon with us. When we checked in at the airport, the customer service rep asked us if the flowers were from a special occasion; after we told her it was from our wedding, she upgraded us to first class for the flight! I ended up tossing my bouquet into the Aegean Sea before we left Mykonos, Greece.

Again, it was fabulous to work with you!



We at Holly Heider Chapple flowers are loving these letters from Amy.

  • Cara Says: (08.21.2009 | 07:52)

    I just had to say that these pictures make me want to get married all over again and have THOSE flowers!!! Love them! And love the story about throwing the flowers into the sea!

  • send flowers philippines Says: (08.24.2009 | 03:06)

    What a cool and gorgeous flowers you have there,. it seems very attractive and refreshing. i like the combination of different colors. hope to see more of this. keep it up!

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