This is my Zinnia patch. Every year, Evan plants me lots of Zinnia's. They are one of my favorite flowers. The more you cut them the more they grow. In fact, one variety is even called Cut-And-Come-Again.  Anyone can arrange Zinnia's. Every color just magically works together.

We planted the seeds later than usual this year, so this was my first plentiful harvest of the year.

I love these flowers so much. I will actually take the time to arrange these flowers–just for me.  I think they look best in old mason jars and antique vases. These are fun Holly Chapple designs.

Here are some photo's of baby Grace. We have fun around here at everyone's expense. Grace is top prop for now.



Grace also made a trip down to On A Whim Antiques. She is already planning her big girl room. The store is loaded with unbelievable finds. Everyone in Lucketts is getting ready for the Lucketts Fair. You should come see all this little town has to offer this weekend.



Donna Troxler, owner of On A Whim Antiques, paid Grace with lots of hugs and kisses for her modeling.


Hope to see you at the Lucketts Fair!


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