Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!

  I just got these incredible images from Andrea at the Observatory.  Their tag line for their business is " We like to watch" . I just love the name and  I love the language.
This wedding took place at the Lansdowne Resort.  Andrea caught these images of me delivering the bouquets. This was my bride Amanda.  I can't thank the Observatory enough for sending me these photographs.  It really is a small world. I attended a blogging boot camp this June. I met Andrea at blogging boot camp only to find her a few weeks later at Amanda's wedding. I am so very happy to have met these very Noteworthy Documentary Photographers.  I will let there photographs tell the story of the day.

You may remember this bouquet. This bouquet got the attention of a national magazine.

Believe it or not, this centerpiece is simply a maids bouquet. The bride found these very lovely vases and we were all set.


We did create some centerpieces of just green Button Mums. These were designed in smaller vases, also purchased by the bride.

Thanks to Andrea for sharing her amazing work with us.  Be happy Amanda, we loved working on your wedding.


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